Shaoxing Andisi's closed suction catheter reduces the risk of cross-infection and makes attraction easier and

2021-12-14 15:57:00 By : Mr. Deo Di

Shaoxing Undis Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (Zhejiang, China) is a leading manufacturer of a variety of innovative and high-quality disposable anesthesia products, providing newly designed catheters with closed suction systems.

Aspiration is an important medical practice, and patients in the ICU and those who are unconscious and unable to remove secretions to avoid choking and breathing usually require aspiration. The main disadvantages of traditional open suction systems include the high risk of cross-infection and interruption of respiratory ventilation. Therefore, closed suction systems are becoming more and more popular.

The newly designed closed suction system catheter of Shaoxing Undis has a unique suction control switch and an ergonomic design, which can provide a comfortable grip and enable nursing staff to perform suction more easily and quickly. They also provide convenient one-handed operation to lock/unlock the suction switch to prevent accidental activation. In addition, Shaoxing Undis also provides other innovative and high-quality disposable anesthesia products, including anesthesia breathing circuit (corrugated circuit, expandable circuit and smooth hole circuit), breathing filter (bacterial filter and HMEF filter), jacket, Anesthesia masks, laryngeal masks, breathing bags, etc.

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