Non-Toxic Plastic Tube of Medical Grade 3 Stage Balloon Catheter

  Material NamePP ( polypropylene)     Characteristics of PPLow density(0.9g/cm3), it is one of the lightest plastics.The highest temperature of PP homo: 150ºCThe highest temperature of PP co-homo: 90-100ºCpolypropylene is high density, No Latent C

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  Material NamePP ( polypropylene)
Characteristics of PP
Low density(0.9g/cm3), it is one of the lightest plastics.
The highest temperature of PP homo: 150ºC
The highest temperature of PP co-homo: 90-100ºC
polypropylene is high density, No Latent Chain,high crystalline polymer,have good combination property, white and translucent, wax;PP lighter than PE, PP is one of the lightest in normally plastic materials,the pp homo is more fragile over 0ºC , the PP co-homo material have lower heat distortion temperature(100ºC) ,low transparent, low glossiness, low hardness, But have stronger anti-stock strength.
Compare with HDPE
have higher strength and stiffness, and have excellent anti-bending fatigue, weakly impact performance, moisture resistance, anti- acid alkali's corrosion(except heavy H2SO4 & HNO3), anti solvent solubility (except:aromatic and chlorhydrocarbons); Hi-dielectrics strength, weakly anti-ultraviolet rays characteristic.
 Size of PP tube
inner Diameter: 0.5mm~8.00mm
Thickness Wall: 0.2mm~2.0mm
Deviation: ±0.03mm~±0.15mm
Alternative MaterialMedical grade (USP Class VI); Food grade (FDA) and Industrial Grade;
Extra value ServiceAssignable of the Tube color.
Application of rangePackaging tube materials for Various medical guide wire, Instrument connecting tube; structural tube, Hemodialysis equipment tube, etc.

Material Characteristic:
Max. Operation temperature54ºC54ºC80ºC80ºC80~100ºC80~100ºC
Min. Operation temperature-40ºC-40ºC-40ºC-20ºC-35ºC-20ºC
ColorMilk WhiteTranslucentTranslucentTransparentTransparentTranslucent
Reprocessing performance CharacteristicsCommonlyEasyEasyEasyEasyCommonly
Chemical ResistanceGoodGoodGoodGoodCommonlyGood
Medical Grade AttestationYesyesyesyesyesyes

Kunshan Bova Plastic Co., Ltd. located in No.869 Qinhe Road Zhangpu Town Kunshan City since 2008, We are professional manufactures of various precision medical catheter with Extrusion technology, Our company was founded by a group of senior engineers who are experienced in high polymer material and precision  extrusion technology.
Bova is an ISO9001 Certified manufacture,  We have been specializing in design and manufacture extrusion medical catheters, secondary operation and catheters customized services. Our products includes(extrusion): Single/Double-lumen, Multi-lumen, Special configuration catheter, Co-Extrusion catheter, Adjustable variable diameter tube, composite tube, Braided tube, Special section tube, Thin wall tube, Micro-bore tube ,overall radiopaque, radiopaque line etc. the  materials are diverse including :TPU,PE,PP,PVC,PEBAX,PA,PC,PET,ABS,PLA,  Extrusion pipe accuracy can be controlled at ± 0.02mm, and the wall thickness can be below 0.07mm. All our products are producing in the Class 100000 clean-room which certified by Suzhou Drug Administration.
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3. Specialty: Extrusion tubing manufacture.
4. Major Product: HDPE, LDPE, TPU,PVC, PA PEBAX ,PK6,PK12,PEEK,PP,PE,etc.


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