Large Spindle Bore Horizontal Gap Bed Lathe Machine (CA6266C)

Large spindle Bore Horizontal Gap Bed Lathe Machine (CA6266C)A6166 & CA6266 Series Horizontal Lathe Swing over bed---660mm; Spindle hole---52mm & [B: 80mm] & (C: 105mm) CA6166 & CA6166B & CA6166C---Universal lathe CA6266 & CA6266B & CA6266C---Gap-bed lathe Chuck guard fitted w

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Large spindle Bore Horizontal Gap Bed Lathe Machine (CA6266C)

Large Spindle Bore Horizontal Gap Bed Lathe Machine (CA6266C)
A6166 & CA6266 Series Horizontal Lathe 
Swing over bed---660mm; 
Spindle hole---52mm & [B: 80mm] & (C: 105mm) 
CA6166 & CA6166B & CA6166C---Universal lathe 
CA6266 & CA6266B & CA6266C---Gap-bed lathe 

Chuck guard fitted with safety micro switch
 Powered longitudinal and cross feeds
 Adjustable 4 position length-stop mechanism for accurate repetitive operation
Micro adjustable saddle stop
 Dual calibrated dials incorporating metric & imperial graduations
Coolant system with flexible hose enabling operator to manipulate flow direction
Oil sight glass for head stock and gearbox
Low voltage halogen work light
Lubrication pump on saddle oiling slides
Triple bearings supporting headstock spindle
Adjustable taper roller bearings providing spindle accuracy
Precision 'V'-beds & headstock gears are all hardened & ground
One piece cast iron base increases rigidity
 Overload protection on drive motor and coolant system
Universal enclosed gearbox incorporating metric & imperial thread capabilities
Inching button incorporated on the control panel for convenient spindle speed selection
 Foot operated spindle brake with safety cut out switch

Standard accessories
3-jaw chuck
4-jaw chuck
Steady rest
Follow rest
Foot plate
Optional accessories:
Quick change toolpost
Chuck protection
Leading screw guard
Toolpost protection

ModelCA6140 CA6240CA6150 CA6250CA6161 CA6261CA6166 CA6266CA6180 CA6280
 CA6140B CA6240BCA6150B CA6250BCA6161B CA6261BCA6166B CA6266BCA6180B CA6280B
  CA6150C CA6250CCA6161C CA6261CCA6166C CA6266CCA6180C CA6280C
Max .Swing over bed400mm500mm610mm660mm800mm
Max .Swing over carriage210mm300mm370mm400mm540mm
Max .Swing in gap__630mm__720mm__830mm__880mm__1020mm
Effective gap length__210mm__210mm__210mm__210mm__210mm
Max .length of work piece750/1000/1500/2000/2200/3000mm750/1000/1500/2000/2200/3000mm750/1000/1500/2000/2200/3000mm750/1000/1500/2000/2200/3000mm750/1000/1500/2000/2200/3000mm
Width of bed400mm400mm400mm400mm400mm
Section of turning tool25×25mm25×25mm25×25mm25×25mm25×25mm
SpindleSpindle speed10-1400rpm/16-1400rpm(24steps)10-1400rpm/16-1400rpm(24steps)10-1400rpm/16-1400rpm(24steps)10-1400rpm/16-1400rpm(24steps)10-1400rpm/16-1400rpm(24steps)
Hole through spindle52mm ,(80mm),[105mm]52mm ,(80mm),[105mm]52mm ,(80mm),[105mm]52mm ,(80mm),[105mm]52mm ,(80mm),[105mm]
Spindle taper(MT6)(Φ90 1:20)[Φ113:20](MT6)(Φ90 1:20)[Φ113:20](MT6)(Φ90 1:20)[Φ113:20](MT6)(Φ90 1:20)[Φ113:20](MT6)(Φ90 1:20)[Φ113:20]
FeedNo. of feed(64 kinds)(for each)(64 kinds)(for each)(64 kinds)(for each)(64 kinds)(for each)(64 kinds)(for each)
Range of metric threads(1-192mm) (44 kinds)(1-192mm) (44 kinds)(1-192mm) (44 kinds)(1-192mm) (44 kinds)(1-192mm) (44 kinds)
Range of inch threads(1-24tpi) (21kinds)(1-24tpi) (21kinds)(1-24tpi) (21kinds)(1-24tpi) (21kinds)(1-24tpi) (21kinds)
Range of module threads0.25-48 (module 39 kinds)0.25-48 (module 39 kinds)0.25-48 (module 39 kinds)0.25-48 (module 39 kinds)0.25-48 (module 39 kinds)
Range of diametral pitc threads1-96DP (37 kinds)1-96DP (37 kinds)1-96DP (37 kinds)1-96DP (37 kinds)1-96DP (37 kinds)
TailstockMax. tailstock spindle travel150mm150mm150mm150mm150mm
Tailstock spindle diameter75mm75mm75mm75mm75mm
Taper of tailstock spindle center hole(MT5)(MT5)(MT5)(MT5)(MT5)
Main motor7.5KW(10HP)7.5KW(10HP)7.5KW(10HP)7.5KW(10HP)7.5KW(10HP)
Packing dimensionsOverall dimensions for 750mm2440×1140×17502440×1140×17502440×1140×17502440×1140×17502440×1140×1750
(L×W×H mm)Overall dimensions for 1000mm2650×1140×17502650×1140×17502650×1140×17502650×1140×17502650×1140×1750
 Overall dimensions for 1500mm3150×1140×17503150×1140×17503150×1140×17503150×1140×17503150×1140×1750
 Overall dimensions for 2000mm3650×1140×17503650×1140×17503650×1140×17503650×1140×17503650×1140×1750
 Overall dimensions for 2200mm4030×1140×17504030×1140×17504030×1140×17504030×1140×17504030×1140×1750
 Overall dimensions for 3000mm4800×1140×17504800×1140×17504800×1140×17504800×1140×17504800×1140×1750
 Overall dimensions for 4000mm5680×1140×17004800×1140×17504800×1140×17504800×1140×17504800×1140×1750
Weight(kg)LengthG.W.   N.W.G.W.   N.W.G.W.   N.W.G.W.   N.W.G.W.   N.W.
Overall dimensions for 750mm2100   19902170    20602300   21802380   22602520    2400
Overall dimensions for 1000mm2190   20702260   21402380   22502570   24502720   2560
Overall dimensions for 1500mm2350   22202420   22902577   24372810   26402980   2800
Overall dimensions for 2000mm2720   25702790   26402940   27873050   28803260   3087
Overall dimensions for 2200mm2800   26002940   27903120   29703390   31803490   3287
Overall dimensions for 3000mm3300   32003450   33003600   34503930   36874220   3887
Overall dimensions for 4000mm3500   34003750   36003950   38004580   42004850   4500

Large Spindle Bore Horizontal Gap Bed Lathe Machine (CA6266C)

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