How to effectively replace the suprapubic catheter

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Reasons for reading this article: • To understand the procedure of suprapubic catheter replacement • To understand the potential complications associated with suprapubic catheter replacement • To understand the content of suprapubic catheter care

• Understand the procedure for replacing the suprapubic catheter

• Identify potential complications related to suprapubic catheter replacement

• Understand what is involved in suprapubic catheter care

This "how to" article explains how to replace the suprapubic catheter in a safe, effective and supportive manner. Nurses performing this procedure must ensure that they have the knowledge and skills to do so and work within their capabilities. Patients-and/or their caregivers (if applicable) should participate in joint decisions regarding their suprapubic catheter care and any catheter replacement. This will increase the patient's confidence and acceptance of the suprapubic catheter and its function.

• A suprapubic catheter passes through the lower abdominal wall, above the pubic bone, and below the belly button, and into the bladder.

• Suprapubic catheter replacement is an aseptic procedure designed to reduce the risk of infection at the catheter site and the catheter that can enter the bladder directly.

• Nurses performing suprapubic catheter replacement need to be skilled in removing and replacing the catheter immediately to avoid closure of the catheter.

The "how to" article can help update your practice and ensure that it is still evidence-based. Apply this article to your practice. Reflect and write a short narrative:

• This article how to improve your practice when replacing the suprapubic catheter.

• How you can use this information to educate nursing students or your colleagues on the appropriate way to replace the suprapubic catheter.

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Dawson BC (2021) How to effectively replace the suprapubic catheter. Standard of care. doi: 10.7748/ns.2021.e11766

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